Aurora Solar PV System Design

Recently I started working with Aurora Solar to complement my PV System Designs. This is an easy to use software as well as a really powerful designer tool. It can help you simulate the system performance, calculate costs, design some really neat systems and so on. It has so many tools that is its own post.

This is an in web application and I’m using google chrome in my gaming laptop.

Disclaimer: This is just an example screenshot of a PV system in a roof somewhere in the world. If this is your house and want to take the picture off please message me and gladly will take it off .

One Line Diagram of a PV System

This is a one line diagram of a photovoltaic system better know as a residential solar system. This was created based on the standards of an engineer, the electric utility inspector and company designer.

These are really simple to make once you know the basics parts of a system and the rules of the NEC (National Electric Code) that are required to comply.

This is my daily routine now, so it is really interesting to see the little details that change depending on the model of the inverters, the PV module and OCPD.

For this project we used AutoCAD LT because is something really simple that you can design based on knowledge and experience.

Wooden Bar & Museum

This is a finished Architectural drawing for a Bar & Museum project in Puerto Rico. Foundations will be made out of reinforce concrete while the rest of the structure will be wood and a metal sheet roof.

This was created using AutoCAD 2017. Just plain drafting and design no complicated procedures or tools.

The computer used this time is a custom built computer using an Nvidia GeForce 960, Intel i7 5th Gen with 32GB of memory RAM (I love this desktop).

Parking Lot Expansion Preview

This is a rough preview rendered in AutoCAD 2017. Client needed a 3D view to visualize the goals. The main goal is expanding the parking lot to a non develop area.

Really simple stuff, the process was basically extruding from a proposed 2D drawing, adding materials and textures, 3D blocks to add some environment and rendering.

I’m using a Nvidia GeForce 1050 on a gaming laptop and a Intel i5 7th Gen.